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Residential Cleaning is Hard Work and Time-Consuming

Imagine you come home to a spotless kitchen and bathrooms, sparkling floors, fresh-made beds, and much more. Max Cleaning is here to make it happen for you; without you have to lift a finger.

We help hundreds of renters and homeowners like you remove the house cleaning tasks from their to-do list.

The house cleaning services we’ll provide you will keep your home clean all year round, also will prevent the formation of harmful bacterias and microbes.

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The Benefits of Keep Your Home Clean

Every time we perform your house cleaning service, we are killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can compromise your health. The cleaning products we’ll bring to your home are quality brand names proven to target germs and bacteria, eliminating 99.9% of the threat that can compromise your health.

The efficiency and benefits of HEPA filters can’t be ignored. That’s why all of our vacuum cleaners come equipped with HEPA air filtration systems.

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With Max Cleaning  Your Peace of Mind is Guaranteed

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